Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Rate A Restaurant | Take it Easy, Menjelara (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Hello, everyone !! Welcome back and I'm here wishing everyone Happy New Year !! In this brand new year, it is a new chance again for us to write, draw and paint a beautiful picture in new blank note book. I wish everyone with full courage, hope and faith to overcome all the big big challenges and obstacle in your life. List down the 2016 year resolution and give the best in this coming year.

Restaurant: Take It Easy 
Location: Wishma Fiamma, Bandar Menjelara, Malaysia
Type of Restaurant: Breakfast, Bakery, Coffee and Juice 

Monday, September 28, 2015

What I Wore | Gatsby Themed Great LEO Award GALA Dinner

"It's a Gatsby-themed GALA Dinner Award Party!" 

OMG..!! I'm a lucky girl because I got the ticket last minute to join this party. I left around less than one week time to get ready and i got stuck on what to wear for this Gatsby Theme. 

As we know, the Daisy's outfits can stood out pretty well because of the gorgeous detailing. I try to hunt for the detailing pieces all around until I found this jumpsuit from Miss Selfrigde. I slick my hair back and put on headpieces, I am wearing glittery hairband and clip another classy feather hairpiece at the left side because it a MUST to pull 1920's look together. For the high heel, I go with the grey pump high heels to finishing off my looks. 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Dessert Safari, UAE

Hello, everyone !! Finally, I visited the Desert Safari located at Dubai and it is the very famous and must do to tour in Dubai. From the place i stayed at Cristal Hotel, Abu Dhabi, I have to depart in the early morning then travel to Dubai by bus. I highly recommended to visit desert safari because it is one of the most authentic experience Dubai can offer. We were picked up on time and going to the desert by 4WD, and only 5 person per vehicle. We were driven on desert about 30 minutes before arrived at the camp. The driver with a very superb driving skill, and I feel like I'm sitting in "roller coaster" all the way to the camp. The 30 minutes of the dune bashing in the 4WD is extremely AWESOME, I miss this so so so much !! Another popular activity in desert is the camel trek, I'm very excited, because this is my first time to touch and feel the camel and ride on a the camel too. Besides than the camel riding, other activities such as sand boarding, henna painting (i guess most of the girl will like it) as well. Lastly, the BBQ dinner with unlimited soft drinks and water will be served too.